Argan and Honey Hydration 120 min
An intoxicating escape in to one of Abu Dhabi’s most powerful antioxidants; pure dark Arabian honey. This staple of the Arabian culture is sourced locally and eloquently infused into this luxurious body treatment. A light exfoliation followed by an application of Arabian honey, Shea butter and warm Argan oil in a full body wrap leaves your skin hydrated and rich in anti-inflammatories. Incorporating our express facial with a light cleansing and hydrating treatment with our honey mask and concluding your treatment with a full body massage and heated oil hair treatment with pure Argan oil from Morocco. Your entire body will be left feeling smooth, supple and decadently hydrated.
120 Min
AED 1010.00
Lights of the Seasons 120 min
A more playful and holistic care ritual inspired by the cycle of the seasons. Begin your experience with a purifying fig, bergamot and rose full body scrub rinsed with hot towels. Enjoy a reassuring head, face, hand and foot massage, followed by a cold application on legs with mint and cut grass perfumed towels and an invigorating leg massage. Our stimulating stomach, upper chest, back and arm massage with broom flower and honey scented dry oil is a unique and powerfully healing experience that includes various and surprising sensations to purify, calm, invigorate and stimulate the body.
120 Min
AED 1040.00
Desert Rose 120 min
A highly aromatic treatment done in praise of the Queen of all flowers and for those who admire one of nature’s most precious perfumes. This beautiful experience begins with an exfoliating cleanse using grains of ultra-fine sand from the Moroccan desert combined with Sea Salt and rich oils infused with Rose and Sandalwood. This unique experience includes a full-body massage with a sensual Rose blend of pure Argan oil. An addition of a Rosewater and Rhassoul Clay facial mask will be given as the treatment concludes with an upper body massage application of our decadent Rose Bliss balm, rich with Rose Centifolia, Rose Damascena, Evening Primrose Oil, and African Shea Butter. Fragrant, indulgent and nurturing from head to toe.
120 Min
AED 1250.00
Arabian Odyssey
Our Signature Scrub blend of Amber and Musk are combined to polish away dry skin, leaving it smoother in appearance and softer to the touch. A therapeutic massage treatment using our signature Arabian Sense body oil, infused with custom-blended Arabian botanicals of Sandalwood and Frankincense are a powerful reminder of how your senses can instantly transport you anywhere in the world. Feel instantly relaxed and promote overall immune support and well-being.
starting from AED 820.00
Time for a Dream 120 min
A solar and enchanting sensation inspired by the summer fields, this energizing treatment is intended to build up energy, warm the body and enhance the mood. With a delicious fragrance of broom flower and honey, a gourmet sugar scrub exfoliates the whole body to promote circulation and cellular renewal. A warm dry-oiling softens the skin and an energetic massage onto legs, back and arms stimulates the entire body for a gentle sun-like sensation.
120 Min
AED 995.00
Hands at the Origin 120 min
True to the origins of MAISON CAULIÈRES, this flagship hand treatment, inspired by hand reflexology, begins with a creamy hand scrub, followed by a comforting moisturizing mask. Then a relaxing hand and arm massage eliminates muscle tension and encourages body and mind to balance by stimulating the hand reflex points. An invitation to a global sensation of well-being.
120 Min
AED 630.00
Sense Signature Royal Hammam 120 min
A memorable experience pairing our Moroccan Herbal Hammam followed by a full body customized massage with the most decadent of body balms. After completing your traditional cleansing ritual in one of our Hammam steam chambers you will transfer to your private Spa Suite. Your entire body is treated to a healing massage with a powerful and richly aromatic blend of exotic Arabian ingredients. Be prepared to leave with radiant skin embalmed in oils of Rose Damascena, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Argan, Rose Centifolia, Frangipani, and Macadamia.
120 Min
AED 1730.00
Morrocan Herbal Hammam 90 min
A purifying Hammam utilizing Eucalyptus scented black soap from Morocco. After a vigorous exfoliation with the traditional Hammam Kese mitt a full body wrap is done using a detoxifying blend of Rhassoul clay and herbal aromatics including Geranium, Citrus and Mint. This body mask will assist to further draw out impurities and soften the skin. Complete this unique detox ceremony with a full body massage incorporating a nourishing oil infused with alluring Amber or vibrant Verbena.
90 Min
AED 860.00