Diamond Facial 90 min
The ultimate facial experience developed using the sophisticated DIAMOND collection. Products and ingredients which are most luxurious, exclusive jewels for your skin. This 90-minute anti-aging facial will accomplish a 3-step exfoliation; incorporate highly concentrated nectar serums, a gold and pearl mask and a myo-facial lifting massage. Its results surpass every expectation and ensure visible rejuvenation after the first application.
90 Min
AED 1365.00
Sense Custom Complete 75 min
A customized facial that addresses your skin’s specific needs. Incorporating evolutionary skincare that involves a deep cleanse, antioxidant mask, a gentle peel and tranquil massage. This tailor made facial treatment will restore your skin to proper balance and assist in cellular repair.
75 Min
AED 790.00
The Essential Absolute Radiance Ritual 60 min
Preventative A “glow activator intensive program” to restore the original skin radiance of the face, neck and décolleté. Created for skin with increased pigmentation concerns and dark spots. This six-step facial experience nourishes, renews and protects the skin back to its youthful appearance and balanced complexion. We recommend a monthly cure of 4 weekly sessions for a spectacular and long-lasting brightening effect on the skin.
60 Min
AED 785.00
The Essential Nurturing Ritual 60 min
Protect & Hydrate A “Cellular Renewal Booster” for deep hydration, long lasting protection and a youthful glow. Dedicated to treating dehydrated skin to help restore optimal moisture levels, re-plump the skin and reduce fine lines. Particularly effective after sun bathing and exposure to external aggressions (wind, air conditioning, pollution).
60 Min
AED 730.00
The Essential Detox Ritual 60 min
A deep-cleansing “Skin Perfector” treatment inspired by a Japanese purifying tradition for a flawless complexion. Originally designed for combination, oily and blemish prone skintypes to reduce excess oil production, pimples, enlarged pores and redness. Specifically designed for seasonal changes or twice a month for maintaining balanced skin.
60 Min
AED 730.00
The Essential Fresh & Tone Ritual 60 min
Illuminate & Tone An amazing “icy wake-up” effect for in-depth firming action & immediate healthy-looking skin. Ideally recommended for dull and tired skin needing a kick start to rejuvenation. Best suited just before an evening out or in the morning to start a busy day this treatment is highly effective in giving you a fresh foundation every time.
60 Min
AED 730.00